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The law office of Kitchen Law, PLLC, in Raleigh, North Carolina, helps individuals with a variety of legal issues. I have decades of experience in municipal law, administrative law and other legal areas, and am skilled at both litigation and transactional matters.

I am attorney Chuck Kitchen, and I have been a lawyer for 40 years. I served as county attorney for Alamance and Durham counties before entering private practice. Now I bring my years of experience to work not only for local governments but also for private individuals. Over the years, I have become known as one of North Carolina’s premier constitutional attorneys through successfully representing clients in civil rights, contract and constitutional law cases.

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Litigation And Transactions

Unlike some law firms, Kitchen Law, PLLC, helps clients with both litigation and transactional matters. I also have extensive experience arguing on behalf of clients in negotiations, at administrative hearings and at trials.

My experience with litigation gives me insight when I help clients with transactional matters because it allows me to avoid potential problems. For example, when drafting or reviewing contracts, I can see how small changes in wording can head off huge issues that might arise in the future.

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